Website Visits

Website Visits: Untangling the Terms

Google has a very thorough tracking program that delivers complete and elaborate information about everybody that visits your website. And Be Located Online does this, we install this certain feature to our client’s sites, this will allow us to see the effectiveness of your websites’ contents.

terminologiesWeb Terminologies you need to get acquainted to

Here are some terminologies that Be Located Online uses to keep an eye on your website which you might understand.  Even if you don’t, Be Located Online will help you understand what they are and more importantly, we will help you interpret them so you and your organization or business can be successful online.

Unique Visits

Just like exactly how it sounds, we always pay more attention to how many viewers and visitors show up to your website and then compare the numbers to those who have seen your site in the past.  We make sure that these numbers will increase every time.  There are many things that should be done in order to realize the number of unique visits in increased.  Such examples are SEO (Search Engine Optimization and its long and winding list of far-flung relatives) types or images, the way of communicating, type of content and usability of your site.  But instead of having to dwell and put effort into it, you can relax and have Be Located Online do it for you.

Visit Duration

By placing the feature on your site, Be Located Online can help you determine the effectivity and the appeal of your site to your visitors because we can monitor exactly how long someone spent time on your website. Through this service, we can determine if your web pages are attracting the right customers, bringing the experience visitors expect, or if your website is simply not that interesting. We do website Modifications regularly as part of this service and if we see that visit durations are low, then we find ways to make your website interesting, more inviting, and relevant and make them stay.

Visit Duration will help you plan your write-ups and your catches because when you know how long your client is able to stay on your site, you will have more idea how long they have read through. With this information, Be Located Online can help you re-write your most important spiels and sales pitches.

Bounce Rate

After Be Located Online looks at your visit durations, we can distinguish the amount of visitors who leaves your site within 10 seconds. And when someone leaves your site within the 10-second mark, it is naturally a sign of a problem, and a rising bounce rate simply means BORING or the site itself takes too long to load. Be Located Online can help you solve the problem with various methods that have tried and tested throughout our years of expertise in the cyber market. With our professional help, you are nearer to that dream or making your site worth anybody’s time.

If you see this figure, your goal should be to lower it. One of the things that we can help you with this is to clarify the intent of your pages because maybe your visitors could not easily grasp what you are trying to say or offer to them.

Page Views

Page views are the number of people or users who were able to visit your site for a certain time duration. Knowing the amount of people who viewed your site can help, but seeing the number of pages they viewed can be more useful. Be Located Online can see the average page views per visitor based on each link they click and we can identify the total page views for all visitors.  Page Views will just be page views to some but with Be Located Online, we can help you turn your site into a well-oiled money making machine.  With our years of expertise, we can help you turn those page views, into paper bills or binary bills, whichever you prefer.


Demographics information if done and interpreted properly may help you know how and where to drive your business.  In this service, Be Located Online can see where your visitors are located and the primary languages they use.  Through that data, we can determine in which particular vicinity your business is gaining popularity in and which areas need more work.  With our demographics service, we can help you focus on that land area where you wanted to deliver your goods and services to.

Behaviour Flow

Every time someone visits your site, Be Located Online can track the pages they often look at and in which order those pages are viewed, this way we can see the visit pattern. Like for example, a visitor arrives and clicks on Home Page, Then clicks on Services and Clicks on Contact Us. We can tell you how many visitors followed this pattern or how many have their own pattern of viewing as well. Be Located Online can help you make a better experience for your viewers by streamlining your processes so that your customers get closer to the conversion or to the point of sale faster and with lesser effort.

Not sure what to do still? Feel free to try out our services. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you in your way to a successful and fruitful online presence.