Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What, why, who and how of Search Engine Optimization

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What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the process, activities, techniques that are geared towards getting a specific result more visible during a certain keyword search in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

SEO is a common technical jargon used in our industry. We try to avoid using Geek Speak, but sometimes using words such as this becomes necessary. We at Be Located Online do our best to decrypt technical jargon in manageable and understandable terms. The more you understand internet industry vocabulary, the more power you will have over your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization is a term that refers to what Be Located Online does: it is the process of getting websites ranked higher in search engines results page. Any activity related and directed towards getting your site ranked higher in search engine result from a given keyword is considered SEO.

Why do you need SEO?

You will need SEO if you want your content to be the ones to show up during a search on certain topics or keywords.  Who needs that? Almost everybody that owns a certain business that makes a profit on being instantly visible online.  In short, anybody that wants an increase in profit or an increase in reach over the internet needs SEO.

Advertisement vs SEO

There are two ways to get space on that coveted first page results, one is through paid advertising, the other is termed as organic and is done through search engine optimization. We will briefly tackle the difference between the two and why you should put your money in SEO rather than in an advertisement.

If you rely on advertising the downside of that is always having to pay the search engines to show you up for certain search results 24/7. The moment your funds run out, your time on the top space for advertising also gets lost. If you want to get a shot at online visitors landing on your site, you either need a lot of advertising funds or you put your money on SEO for your site.

Admit it, most of us do not look into the next pages of an organic search result, but this is not always the case. There are a few in-depth researchers who do scroll down or even go to the next pages to find what they are looking for.

The good thing about SEO is that your efforts eventually build up. Eventually is used here because the SEO strategies that you utilize will not work right away. It may take a couple of months to over a year before results can be seen. Once the results are shaping up, you can be sure that you will show up on top of organic search queries. You will be viewed as a site with authority over that specific keyword or topic that makes you more trusted than showing up as an advertiser.

The main difference between advertisement and SEO, the first one is instant the other is gradual.  Know that what takes longer to build up may almost, as usual, take more time to bring down.

Who does SEO?

Many companies advertise this service, but you need to be careful in choosing the right one to work on your website. There are many practices with SEO that are frowned upon by all search engines. An example is writing white text on a white background. During the early years of the Internet, this allowed unscrupulous web developers to write nonsensical sentences that would greatly help the website’s ranking without confusing customers. This practice would get the website ranked much quicker, but would also eventually get the website added to a search engine’s permanent black list. If a search engine adds you to a permanent blacklist, then you will never be ranked on their search engine again.

SEO can be done by developers, blog writers, and any social media users. It is like a question on who can promote. The answer is anyone because anyone will be able to do this. If they do it right and effectively, that is a different question.

But the real question to answer is: Who can do it best for my site? Be Located Online is your answer. Backed with years of experience in the highly evolving estate of the world wide web, Be Located Online have grown with it. Riding the internet media upon its changes, upon its upgrades among versions. Anyone can do it, but we can do it best and most effectively.

How to do SEO?

Some of these are visible work such as updating content on your pages, some of it are behind-the-scenes work such as optimizing the HTML code of your website.  There are things that you need to do to your images to help you land the first page results. The many different ways to improve how your site was coded and how it performs is also part of SEO work.  Interlinking with other established sites and showing up featured in other sites will tell the search engines that you are a genuine company or person who offers such services.  All of these are equally important and time-consuming.

The Search Engine Criteria for ranking always change, you must keep up.

Getting your website ranked on Google, Yahoo or Bing or any other search engine, takes regular work.  We have to include the part where you consume time because of the learning curve for the new things that search engines implements in their criteria of arranging search result queries.  Also, these changes are not announced.  They just happen right away as if the whole search engine is constantly learning and verifying the usability of their results because that is what makes them relevant.  Just as the search engine is relevant so too shall your content.

Where can I get SEO help?

You must have been overwhelmed by the great, vast and sheer low-level description that we have placed.  But do not despair just yet we also give you an easy cure for all these.

Hire Be Located Online to be your developer to maintain your site is the best way to ensure your customers can find you, your business, and your services online.  We always monitor changes in your keyword rankings ( how you rank in certain targeted keyword searches.  We also regularly listen to the pulse of the people so that will know where and how to stir you away from being left behind.  Be Located Online will take care of your online presence as well as your online reputation so that people and search engines find you best regardless of the ever changing criteria they impose.

With Be Located Online, in charge of your site, online presence and online reputation, you can be more focused on the core things of running your business.  Instead of having to learn new in-depth stuff, your time will be spent on mastery of your craft or your service.  So that when Be Located online drives the clients and online viewers to your doors and to calling your phone lines, you will be there ready to help them with utmost mastery.

Let Be Located Online lift up this SEO burden for you.  Call us right now (702) 701-0256.